Project RUC100

The primary purpose of Project RUC 100 is to create opportunities to publicly commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC by developing an historical and remembrance website; and to contribute towards "marking the sacrifice and honouring the achievements of the Royal Ulster Constabulary", as authorised and required by sections 1 & 70 of the Police (NI) Act 2000 and the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC Foundation Regulations 2002.
Project RUC 100 is an independent and non-political initiative, which is solely organised, funded, managed and maintained by a small team of ex-police officers, who provide opportunities for their former colleagues and their relatives, friends and allies, to contribute to a unique internet project designed to record and publicise accounts of service, sacrifice and achievements, since the inception of the Force; and to ensure the history of the Force is written and authenticated by those who served, suffered and survived.

The continued development of Project RUC 100 requires the involvement and support of volunteers from within the wider police family, in three strategic administrative areas:

Contributors – individuals and groups who are willing to share their history, experience and services including composing articles, stories and remembrance tributes.

Researchers – individuals and groups willing to research/record specific history topics including topics of their own choice.

Volunteers – individuals willing to help generally, with the development of the Force’s history.

Topics currently being researched:

RUC Ladies Choir
RUC Male Voice Choir
RUC Cadets
Christian Police Association
RUC Community Relations Branch
RUC Mountain Rescue Team
SPG Training Team including OTU & COT
Sprucefield & Seapark
First Aid Training
Authors & Books

Research includes gathering information, articles, documents, photographs etc. and writing a short history relating to the ‘beginning and development’, as appropriate, to each topic.  

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